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texture sail cake

regular price $105.00 save $-105.00

our texture sail cake is typically a 6 layer 6" cake decorated with concrete style buttercream, shades of teal buttercream texture, and a handmade sugar sail.

it can be made with less cake layers if you prefer!

customization options (additional fees will apply):
-custom colors 
-changing design in any way
-larger cake sizes (more cake layers, 2 tiers or more)
-multiple flavors

if you need to customize your cake, please fill out our custom request form HERE

standard cakes are triple layer cakes (3 layers of cake, 2 layers of buttercream in between).

serving sizes can be more or less than our estimates depending on how big or small you cut the slices.

6” - feeds approximately 6-9 people
8” - feeds approximately 10-16 people
10” - feeds approximately 25-40 people

if you need a taller or bigger cake, please fill out our custom request form HERE

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