in-store faqs

visiting us

when you arrive at our shop you can come inside (if you’re wearing a mask) and see what we have available for the day! ice cream, soft serve, toppings and drinks are listed on the menu boards. the baked goods we have available for the day will be on display. please note, the baked goods on display may look different from the actual products due to fading discoloration.


unfortunately we don’t have the capability to keep the hundreds of different items we’ve ever made in stock daily! designs and flavors rotate every season / holiday / year. a lot of the photos pictured on our social media are also custom catering orders. 

please check our in store menu to see which items we currently have available in store.

like most bakeries and dessert shops, our flavors and designs rotate seasonally. there are a few signature items, flavors and designs that we offer year round, but our specialty flavors and design rotate throughout the year. 

there is also always a possibility of selling out of an item for the day!

like most specialty bakeries and dessert shops, we make all of our treats entirely from scratch so there is always a possibility of selling out. in fact, we aim to sell out of donuts, cake and other baked goods daily in order to reduce food waste! 

we try our hardest to always keep ice cream and soft serve in stock, but since we also make those from scratch there is always a possibility of selling out. 

we always recommend calling us at 972-707-7295 to make sure we have what you want in stock before coming in to avoid disappointment.


cake faq


unfortunately we do not have whole cakes available for pick up same day. all whole cakes are preorder only.


unfortunately our catering coordinators are not always on site or available to discuss orders. most of our front of house team are part time staff members who do not have all the information needed to answer all of your questions or give you accurate pricing. 

the best way to get information or a quote is to fill out our catering request form.

galaxy cheesecake slices, 24k marble cheesecake slices and cookies and cream tres leches slices are available daily unless we sell out early for the day. always call us at 972-707-7295 to make sure we still have what you’re looking for in stock before you come in to avoid any disappointment in case we sell out.

specialty cake slices (seen on instagram) are only available on weekends. designs and flavors rotate every weekend. photos of specific designs and dates those specific designs are available are normally posted on our instagram at the beginning of each weekend. you can also call us at 972-707-7295 to see what we have available if we haven’t posted a photo yet. 

we do not have every cake slice design we’ve ever made/ever posted on our instagram available every single day. specific flavors/design combos are ONLY available on the dates listed in the corresponding instagram post captions.

just the design! both are ny cheesecake flavored.

other item faq

cake popsicles. we usually have several designs and flavors available in store.

due to how the ice cream is dispensed, we need to layer the ice cream on top of itself to create the swirl.

there is no way to create a pretty cone-shaped swirl without a hole in the middle.

we purposely swirl the ice cream past the point of the cup to compensate for the middle.

allergy faq

not really, but we do have several different options for water! we love sugar at SWEET daze. we wouldn’t recommend coming to visit or ordering from us if you don’t also love sugar. it wouldn’t make sense to call ourselves sweet daze if our items weren’t sweet!


we currently have: vegan pineapple dole whip, vegan coconut sorbet. almost all of our drinks can be made dairy free.


we currently have vegan pineapple dole whip, vegan coconut sorbet, fruity pebbles ice cream, cafe du mode ice cream, madagascar vanilla ice cream, black velvet soft serve, cinnamon toast crunch soft serve, lucky charms cereal pops, fruity pebbles cereal pops, and all of our drink options.

although we have gluten free options available, unfortunately we are not a gluten-free facility and cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur as all of our desserts are made on the same equipment and in the same workspace. celiac and/or highly sensitive customers: please contact us prior to visiting and know that we will do our best, but can’t guarantee our gluten-free items will not touch gluten somewhere in the process as we do have flour floating around the air.

shipping faq

we don’t offer in house delivery but we do deliver via ubereats, doordash, grubhub and postmates.