dear sweet daze friends and family,

after much consideration, we will be permanently closing our storefront on sunday sept 19, 2021 when our lease ends.

we owe an endless amount of gratitude to our loyal fans, clients, customers, vendors, community and team for an incredible 4 years! we are so blessed to have been given the opportunity to share our vision of desserts with the world!

we're not sure what the future holds for sweet daze yet, but we know there will always be sweet daze ahead!

come visit us before our final day on sunday 9/19 :)

yes. permanently closing the storefront 😭

lease is up. closing to focus on other ventures- @omgtacostx and commercial real estate development (i was already doing both BEFORE sweet daze). probably other things too because there’s so much more I want to do and I don’t plan on doing one thing for the rest of my life! 💫

unfortunately sweet daze is a very time consuming niche business that doesn’t allow me to have time for anything else since i run it by myself (no partners or investors, just my team). i haven’t had a real day off in 6 years and I’m *very* burnt out / need a break. only other custom dessert artists or people who run multiple businesses at the same time might be able to understand where I’m coming from 😅

it’s really not that easy or i would’ve by now of course lol. it’s extremely difficult to find good help, especially in the restaurant or custom cake/dessert industry. it’s been even harder since covid, but it’s hard to hire in pretty much any industry ever since covid.

still open to it, but haven’t found any suitable buyers to take over that have enough funds, business experience or baking experience that will also maintain the same level of quality and artistry. if it was easy to open or run something like sweet daze, everyone would’ve opened one by now right? 🤪

i was super busy last year so couldn’t start looking for someone early, but due to covid many people were/are wary of investment anyway 🦠

if you’re still interested, pls fill out the franchise form on our website ✏️

sunday september 19 from 12p-9p or until sold out.

would recommend coming before that bc we might be sold out of a lot by then 🤍

we are fully booked until our last day.

no. not accepting any after we close as our whole team is moving on to other ventures (baking was a hobby for all of us) 🙁

no plans to relocate in the near future. not sure what the future holds though so stay tuned.

no, this is our only store front.

although many people have illegally copied our name, logo and branding. this is the one and only sweet daze!

maybe… 🤔

keeping them and still posting for inspo because a lot of people asked us to 🥰


please email hello@sweetdaze.com or fill out our contact form with what you're looking for and we'll get back to you after we close with pricing and information.

no because it’s a true neon sign (not led) that’s huge, expensive, super fragile and requires expert installation.

BUT working on getting something for you guys so pls email hello@sweetdaze.com if you’re interested in the sign! 💕

i actually opened omg tacos before sweet daze!

i have several business partners and investors at omg tacos, which allows me to have time for other things (personal or business related), unlike sweet daze which i run by myself with no partners or investors.

retail developments (building shopping centers). pls reach out to me if you’re interested in bringing your retail concept to celina! 🚜

a note from our founder:

after much careful deliberation, i have decided not to renew the lease to my storefront in order to pursue other ventures. i am endlessly grateful for all the amazing experiences and opportunities sweet daze has provided me! however, at this time i have decided to go in another direction. moving forward, i will be focusing on my other business, @omgtacostx, as well as working on multiple retail development projects breaking ground in celina, tx in the next few years!

2020 should have been a crippling year for us, but actually turned out to be our best year yet thanks to our AMAZING customers! because of this, i didn’t have time to find a suitable person to take over before our lease ends this year.

although sweet daze might seem like a big operation, it’s still just a small business that i run by myself with my team - no partners or investors. to say it’s been challenging to get this far would be an understatement!

i started sweet daze when I was 24 with hardly any money and no dessert experience - two very important things you need to succeed in opening a dessert shop! people would look at me like i was crazy when i described my vision. i didn’t think anyone would even show up when we first opened, but there were lines down the street for weeks! we had no idea what we were doing at first, but somehow ended up disrupting the dessert world with our wild little creations. not bad for a bunch of kids messing around in the kitchen! these past 4 years have been nothing short of a dream and i’m so proud to have been part of this company and brand.

i will miss my sweet daze family, clients and community SO much more than you’ll ever know!!! THANK YOU for being part of this unforgettable journey 🤍

xx holly